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We love design, that’s how we arrived so far.

Luxury Stone Italy means style and elegance, using such a reliable source like stone. The new R.G. Service brand was born with the clear goal to create a new exclusive design line.

From Stoneworking, historical core business of our factory based in San Felice a Cancello, we realize unique and precious objects, amazing added values to your furniture.

Luxury Stone Italy only works with the finest marble and granite available on the market, thanks to next gen machines that makes them unique pieces allined with the latest designer’s trends.

An ambicious challenge taken from Giuseppe De Stefano and Romilda Cioffi, entrepreneurs with over 50 years of experience.

The new line satisfies all your style and elegance desires, combining together creativity and linearity, beauty of colors and uniqueness of materials. Reverbs of art and heat that can make every space so welcoming.

Without neglecting the classic “Carrara White” marble, the Luxury Stone Italy line is made of many new marbles with interesting textures such as the “Rain Forest Green”: coming from India, it has a particular and intense green color with brown and ivory ramifications.

We provide a limitless choice of materials ready to satisfy every request and to adapt to every need.

Stone sector experts dedicate themselves with passion to the realization of floors, coatings, furnishing accessories, shower trays, sink, kitchen floors, sinks, bathroom accessories. A work of great precision that draws pieces of great originality.

. Prestigious marbles are worked and redefined til they become works of art, cared in every single detail with geometrical designs and creative representations of remarkable impact.

The long-time built experience of our company makes us able to custom every line with the clear goal of satisfying every customer’s request creating, upon request, even sculptures and unique artifacts.

Luxury Stone Italy signs the stone that becomes exclusive design. 

Style and elegance carved in marble

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