Bright, elegant and comfortable: marble kitchens, timeless beauty

Elegant, functional and bright: marble kitchens are a must that never goes out of fashion. The use of marble in the kitchen resists the invasion of new technologies for its unmistakable style and sophistication, for the light it transmits in every corner and, element that in the kitchen can make a difference, for its characteristics in hygiene and cleanliness.

The duration of marble is almost eternal: it is a material that you never tire of and that, above all, increases the value of a house.

Stones we used  for working surface and top in kitchen , are treated with  special processes that increase the resistance capacity to the high temperatures and stains. we show you a lot of solutions. Marble is a very versatile stone, and it is adaptable to every style. Its color , always exclusive and the one, is determined from the presence of impurity minerals, for example sand, clay, silt or iron oxides into the rock. Grains confer another addicted value to your choice.

Resistance, cleaning facility and poor absorption are the mains characteristics of marble surface. The material structure , more compact and less porous , it isn’t particularly absorbable and the grains contribute to camouflage possible stains, in a better way. the choice of  marble paved kitchen  is possible to do with an huge range of colors, with the possibility to realize sinks and coating with the same material, so perfectly coordinated.   the marble sink is a great and beautiful impact , a stone that acquires more charm over time. The washing process is very quiet because marble absorb the sound naturally. Style and elegance make the difference. Regarding the kitchen covering,it can be good advice use the same materials kitchen floor. Awesome and wrapground it’s contrast between colors that it will be create beetwen veined floor and the cover that remind ,with a little particular, the chosen shade. the covering can be limited behind stova and behind sink . Another option to consider is the mosaic kitchen.